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Three Color Considerations For Selecting Roof Vents

by Donald Evans

When you're having your roof replaced, this project will often include the replacement of your roof vents, too. If your roofing professional has indicated that he or she will be replacing the vents, the first question that you'll be asked is what color of vents you want. There's a good chance that you haven't previously spent much time thinking about the color of your roof vents, but now is the perfect opportunity to have some input on this part of the job. Here are three color considerations that you may lean toward when selecting the roof vents for your home.

Matching The Roof

One approach that many homeowners take is to select roof vents that match the color of their roof. This can be an effective way to ensure that the vents blend in, rather than stick out visually. For example, if you're choosing charcoal gray shingles for your roof, you may opt for charcoal gray roof vents. Even if they're not exactly the same color, they may be close enough that the vents don't become visual distractions when you're in your yard and are looking up at your roof.

Complementing A House Color

Another option for you to consider is to choose roof vents that don't match the color of your roof, but match one of the colors that is present on the exterior of your home. This complementary approach can give your home curb appeal. For example, if you have a darker color of home that has white trim around the windows, choosing white roof vents can be a look that works, regardless of the color of your roofing material.

Blending Into The Background

Many homeowners seek to keep their roof vents as invisible as possible, especially if the vents are the type that extend up several inches from the roof. One option that you can think about in such a scenario is to evaluate what the predominant colors are in the environment around your home. For example, if you live in an area that has a backdrop of evergreen trees, one idea that might appeal to you is to choose green roof vents. For someone who is walking or driving past your home, these vents may blend in with the natural backdrop and be difficult to see.

Speak to your local residential roofing professional, to decide what color of roof vents will suit the look of your home best.