The Claim After The Storm: Vital Steps You Need To Take After Your Roof Suffers Storm Damage

Storms are a major source of severe roofing damage. High winds can turn tree branches and yard debris into flying projectiles that can crack or displace shingles, and heavy rain or lightning can cause trees to fall on your roof. If your roof has been damaged in a storm, there are several things you must do immediately in order to maximize your chances of being reimbursed by your insurance company, even before you call a roofing contractor like Todd Harkleroad Roofing Inc. to receive an estimate for storm damage roof repair.

Safety First

The very first thing you should do is survey your home and your yard for potential electrical hazards; if you see any downed power lines, call your electric company first and have them fix the issue before you proceed any further. The electricity from downed power lines can travel easily through gutters and siding and may be fatal. In a similar way, if any trees have fallen over and come to rest against a power line, you’ll want to wait until the power company can come trim them away. Electricity from a power line can sometimes arc to the leaves on a wet tree.

Take An Inventory

When filing an insurance claim for a storm-damaged roof, the first thing that you will want to do is to note all the damage that occurred and take pictures if at all possible. You are looking for signs of damage such as cracked or missing shingles, shingles that are bending at odd angles, damaged rain gutters, or holes in the roof. Your insurance company will need notes on all the damage caused by the storm when you file your insurance claim, so it’s important to be thorough. In addition to any damage to your roof, you’ll also want to note any damage to windows, doors, or personal property.

One thing that people often miss after storm damage is water intrusion on the inside of the home. Use a flashlight to check the ceiling in every room of your house for discolored areas. Water damage often occurs far away from where the roof has actually been damaged, so make a full inspection of your home.

Make Some Calls, And Then Begin Emergency Repairs

When your roof has been damaged by a storm, you’ll first want to call your insurance company, then the county emergency management agency, and then finally a roofing contractor that has experienced in storm damage roof repair. Since severe storms affect a large area at once, it’s likely that both your insurance company and the contractor you call will be very busy adjusting claims and making estimates elsewhere in your neighborhood. While you are waiting, you will need to begin emergency repairs; you will be reimbursed by your insurance company for the cost of materials associated with these repairs.

Why is this important? Your insurance company will cover all damage that resulted from the storm; however, that is the only thing they will cover! If you neglect to make emergency repairs and a later rainstorm causes water damage, you will be fully liable for that damage. Emergency repairs do not need to be extensive; all holes in the roof, along with areas that have cracked or missing shingles, should be covered with a tarp. Make sure the tarp lays flat on the roof and is slanted in such a way that rainwater is directed away from the roof; you definitely don’t want water pooling on the tarp. Similarly, board up or place a tarp over any broken windows or doors.

Following these steps after a storm ensures that you will have the greatest chance that your insurance company will fully cover your storm-damaged roof. After you have successfully made your emergency repairs, contact a roofing contractor as soon as possible to receive an estimate for the cost of repairing the damage.

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Diagnosing Flat Roof Leaks Using Infrared Technology

Flat roofs are a common feature of institutional, commercial, and industrial buildings across the country. They are valued for their ease of access, as well as for allowing large HVAC units to be housed on top of the building. Yet a flat roof can turn into a nightmare should it happen to develop a difficult to locate leak. Fortunately, finding pesky flat roof leaks is no longer as hard as it used to be, thanks to the use of infrared technology. This article will explain how infrared (IR) technology can help you can locate the source of a leak on your flat roof.

The Problem

Flat roof leaks represent a huge problem–and not just for the structural elements of your building, but also for your overall energy efficiency. You see, when water finds its way beneath the protective coating on a flat roof, it soon begins to saturate the underlying layer of insulation. Wet insulation has a much lower insulating value than dry insulation, meaning that you will soon find your energy consumption rising.

Thermal Capacity Differences

Infrared technology allows for a unique and highly effective method of detecting roof leaks. It utilizes temperature differentials in the surface of the roof to locate leak positions. Such temperature differentials arise as the result of the water-saturated portions of insulation. You see, these areas will absorb the sun’s rays much more slowly than the rest of the roof. That’s because water’s thermal capacity is much greater than the dry insulation surrounding it.

This thermal capacity has an interesting effect once nighttime rolls around and your roof begins to cool off. The portions of the roof containing dry insulation will quickly release their heat. But the water saturated areas, which had absorbed heat much more slowly, will also release it much more slowly. In other words, there will be so-called “hot spots” in the places where water has leaked beneath the surface of the roof.

IR Leak Detection

These hot spots are the key to infrared leak detection. An HVAC technician equipped with an infrared camera will head up to your roof on the night following a hot sunny day. The camera will allow them to see a picture of the thermal gradients across your roof. Water-saturated areas will appear as a different color–usually orange or yellow–from the rest of the roof, which will be more of a blue or purple shade.

The technician will then carefully mark off the boundaries of this temperature gradient using a can of spray paint. Using this information, your roofing company will know exactly what portions of the roof your leak is affecting–and thus which portions will require their attention and repair efforts.

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Nail Guns Vs. Hammers When Installing Shingles

When adding shingles to a roof, the two options are to use a hammer or a nail gun. A hammer is much cheaper and there are some other benefits to a hammer, but there are some reasons why you might want to consider using a nail gun instead.

Positioning The Nail

One of the challenges of nail guns is that they often cannot get the nail into the proper position. As a result, it is often better to use a hammer that can allow for the nail to be put in the proper place more accurately. While a nail gun may be faster, the time that is spent properly hammering the nail into place and the time spent putting the nail gun into place mitigates the speed at which the nail gun can insert the nail.

Hammering The Nail

Any motions carried out while on the roof can cause you to lose your balance and fall. The action of hammering a nail in place may cause those who have less balance to be placed at risk. A nail gun does not require as much motion to operate and can be safer in this regard. When hammering in nails, it is easy to miss and hurt one of your fingers, but this isn’t a problem when using a nail gun. The only risk is that you might accidentally puncture yourself with a nail with the nail gun.

Carrying The Nail Gun

Nail guns are heavier to carry than a hammer. Therefore, it can be a pain to carry the nail gun up and down a ladder. This can not only make your job more difficult, but can also increase the risk that you will lose your balance while climbing up and down the ladder.

Penetrating The Shingles

A nail gun is much more powerful than a hammer. If you find that you are struggling to hammer a nail through a particular material, the nail gun will generate the force that is necessary to get the job done.

If you cannot decide whether you would like to use a nail gun or a hammer, or if you feel like you lack confidence in whether you can safely and effectively nail shingles to your roof, it would be a good idea to hire roofing contractors instead. While it may be less expensive to do it yourself, it is more expensive to undo the damage if you perform roofing work incorrectly.

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Understanding Roofing Options For Your Home

Replacing the roof on your home is not something you have to do every year but even the best singles will only last so long. While most brands of roofing shingles have a warranty of 20 to 30 years, there are a lot of things that can affect how long they will last. If the shingles are starting to come loose or are damaged, replace them right away so water does not seep in under them and damage the roof substructure.

Asphalt Shingles

Sometimes called three tab shingles, asphalt roofing shingles are the most common type used on roofs in the US. The singles are durable and available in many different grades and colors so they can be coordinated to match your home. Lighter grade shingles are cheaper but also typically carry a shorter warranty so, in the long run, you may have to replace them more often, negating the cost savings.

Cedar Shakes

In some parts of the country, real wooden shakes made from cedar are used on homes but if you are installing the new roof yourself, be sure you understand the way they are installed. They are harder to work with and have to placed properly or they will leak, damaging the plywood and roof structure underneath. From a purely aesthetic perspective, they look really nice once they are installed and weather for a season. If you are not sure how to install them, bring in a roofer so you don’t have problems later.

Metal Roofing Shingles

Another option are metal shingles for your roof. They look like standard shingles but are made from metal so they last longer and are more durable than wood or asphalt. Don’t confuse these with metal roofing that comes in long sheets, these are colored shingles that are installed much the same way as standard shingles. They do need to be installed with the proper hardware and the correct way but once they are on the roof, it will last for years.

Tile Roofing

In the Southwestern part of the country and in other countries around the world, tile is often used on the roof in place of shingles. It is strong, helps regulate temperature and looks really good. The tiles themselves can be damaged or broken but it is easy for a roofer to come out and replace the broken tiles without having to touch the rest of the roof. Again, there are many colors to choose from and the tiles can work very well with some style homes, to compliment the look and feel of the building.

Talk to a roofer, like, for more.

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The Homeowner’s Guide To Caring For A Roof

The roof that you have on your home will go a long way toward keeping your structure safe, despite any conditions happening outside. Part of caring for your home means knowing when it is time to replace your roof and how to best take care of the roof. In this regard, these steps below will help you to get the most from your roof, so that your property stays in excellent condition. 

Understand When It Is Time To Get A New Roof

While maintenance is a key process for taking care of your roof, sometimes it is best to know when to cut your losses and get a new one altogether. When you notice that shingles are beginning to folder fall apart, leaks are occurring, or if you are catching a breezy draft inside of your home, contacting a roofer for a new installation will be in order. Depending on the size of your household, it can cost you between approximately $7000 and $9000 for parts and labor for a professional installation. You need to make sure that the roofer is insured and licensed so that you make the wisest decision on the craftsmanship that you require.

Clean Your Roof Periodically

Keeping your roof clean will make sure that your gutters work, that the roof does not get weighed down with debris and that you get the most out of its lifespan. You can grab a ladder and push broom and handle much of this on your own and on your own terms. If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning your own roof or if your house is too high to do so, you can contract with a roof cleaning professional who will do the job for anywhere between approximately $150 and $850.

Buy A Roof Care Plan

The consistent service from a roofing contractor will make sure that you get your money’s worth out of the roof and the entire home. A roofer can handle anything from replacing shingles and cleaning gutters to sweeping off debris and providing anti-mold solutions for your roof. To get their assistance on an ongoing basis, you can buy a roof care plan from one of the licensed roofing contractors who can help you with this work. They can set your roof up on a schedule for consistent work that will make the most out of it.

 Keep these tips handy so that you can get all that you can out of your roof. For more information, you will want to contact a company such as Molloy Roofing Co.

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Take Better Care Of Your Home With These Simple New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Day is just around the corner. If you usually play into the tradition of making resolutions, you may be thinking of ways you can take better care of your health or accelerate your career in 2017. But resolutions of this sort are rarely kept. Why not shake things up a little and take a new approach with your resolutions this year? Here are four simple resolutions that will help you take better care of your home, preserving its value and minimizing your need to make repairs in the coming years.

Keep your gutters clean.

So many homeowners neglect their gutters. This can have disastrous consequences on your roof as it allows water to build up along its edge. Cleaning your gutters is not very difficult. You just have to climb up on a ladder and use your (gloved) hands to scoop out the debris. Resolve to do this at least two times in the new year. The best times are spring and fall since you’ll clear away any winter debris and any fallen leaves. For assistance, talk to a professional like Amick Roofing Inc.

Check your insulation.

This is a task you can hopefully tackle in one day. When you make your resolution, decide ahead of time what day you’ll do it so you’re more likely to remember. Take a peek in your attic and see if your insulation is dusty, moldy, or compacted. If it is, then it’s not doing a good job of insulating your home. This will lead to roof damage as heat escapes through the roof. It will also force your heating system to work overtime.

Replacing damaged insulation just requires that you bag up the old insulation and unroll a few new layers. Wear gloves, long sleeves, and a face mask while you do so. This will keep the fiberglass from irritating your skin and respirator passages.

Change your HVAC filter.

On the first of the year (or the second if you’re partying on the first), head to the local hardware store and purchase 12 furnace filters. Then, set a reminder in your phone to replace the filter once a month. This will do so much good for your HVAC system. It’s a lot easier for your system to push air through a clean filter, so you’ll save on energy and reduce wear and tear on your unit. Plus, clean filters will keep dust from building up in your ducts and vents, leading to a healthier home.


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Do You Have Questions About How Metal Roofs Work? Here Are Some Answers

Many people shy away from the idea of a metal roof because they have preconceived notions of how they work. Many of those notions come from how people think metal works in general. Here are some questions people often have about metal roofs.

Will a metal roof attract lightning? Your metal roof isn’t a lightning magnet. Many people misunderstand how lightning works. Metal doesn’t attract lighting, it only conducts it. Your roof won’t attract lightning.

Even if a lightning strike hit the roof, the metal would spread the impact out. It will also save your home from possibly catching on fire from the lightning.

Will a metal roof become too cold in the winter? Your metal roof and its insulation will keep the cold out. Metal roofing panels can even come in layers with insulation sandwiched between. If you install a metal roof over an existing roof, you can add even more insulation.

In addition, snow and ice slides off metal roofs. So you won’t have any ice dams or dangerous icicles hanging down from the roof.

Will a metal roof become too hot in the summer? In the summer, the metal of your roof will reflect heat. You can also paint your roof with a coating that increases the roof’s thermal emissivity. You don’t have to worry about your home becoming extremely hot because of the hot metal.

Will Your Metal Roof Rust? No, your metal roof will have a layer of protection on it. This layer will protect it from rust and other forms of corrosion. Besides that, you can also add extra layers of protection onto your metal roof with sealers and extra coatings of protection.

Will a metal roof put a lot of weight on a house? Metal roofs are not heavy at all. They’re lighter than most other roofing options. In fact, you can place a metal roof over an existing roof without adding any undue strain to the house.

Other Questions About Metal Roofs?                   

Metal roofs have grown in popularity, and there are many reasons for that. They’re beneficial, they look good, and they offer a lot of extra protection to a home.

If you want to know more, you should reach out to a metal roof contractor. You can read about them, and research them, but speaking to a professional will tell you a lot more about how a metal roof can benefit you personally. To find out more, speak with a business like BCI Metal Roofing.

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3 Important Questions To Ask When Hiring A Company To Install Your New Roof

When choosing a roof installation company to work with, it’s a good idea to consult with several prospective providers so you can compare your options and ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Here are a few questions to ask during your consultations that should help you make the right hiring decision when all is said and done:

How Long Are Warranties And Guarantees Good For?

More than likely, any materials and labor provided by prospective roofing companies will be covered under some type of warranty and may even come with a guarantee—but you can’t assume that all the offerings are created equal. It’s important to have each service provider you consult with furnish you with lists of warranties that are applicable to every piece of material that will be used in your project so you can compare them side-by-side and determine which company is likely to provide you with the most protection throughout the years. You should get guarantee policies for labor put into writing so they can be compared too.

Who Will Be Working On All Aspects Of The Project?

It’s also important to find out who exactly will be working on every aspect of your roof installation project when meeting with potential service providers. Who will be working on the plans, who will order the materials, and who will do the actual installation? Ask each company you consider hiring to give you a list of employees who will play a part in completing your project, along with corresponding education, experience, and references so you know exactly what to expect as your project progresses. If possible, meet with the key employees of each prospective company who will focus on your installation before deciding which to hire.  

What About Maintenance And Touch-ups?

While not a requirement, it is convenient to do business with a roofing installation company that is willing to provide ongoing maintenance and touch-ups in the years after your new roof has been installed. Make sure that the company you decide to hire is willing to show up once a year to inspect the roof, make adjustments where necessary, and clean things up. They should also be able to do repairs and make replacements to damaged areas throughout the years so you don’t have to worry about bringing in any third-party providers who may not know as much about your roof.

Include these questions with a list of important ones you personally have and use the list as an outline when meeting with each potential service provider to ensure that nothing important is overlooked.   

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Will A Spray Foam Roof Withstand Extreme Weather?

If you have a low-slop or flat roof, you may be using spray foam for its roofing material. Consumers love spray foam because it is energy efficient, which will save them money on their energy bills. A concern about this material is if it will be able to withstand extreme weather conditions, or if the energy savings will be offset by the cost to repair the roof down the road. Here is what you need to know about spray foam and 3 weather conditions.

High Winds

Spray foam roofing has a huge advantage in situations where it experiences high winds. This is because the material cures as one large piece of foam. It does not have any seams or edges. It’s very important when dealing with high winds.

You may not realize that a building that uses spray foam roofing will become more structurally sound, because the roofing material is an additional piece that holds the structure together. It will give the building additional resistance to extreme winds. The roofing material is also less susceptible to damage, because it will be difficult for wind to get under a portion of the material and lift it away. It will be resistant to uplift from the wind, making it capable of resisting wind damage.


Many people have a misconception about spray foam roofing, since they think the material is absorbent and soft. It may cause people to think that it won’t stay dry in wet conditions.

Spray foam roofing is waterproof, all thanks to the closed-cells that make up the material. The outside is completely sealed, and water won’t be able to get into it. The cells are also a little flexible, which is what will give spray foam a resistance to impact damage. It will bend just enough so that it doesn’t fracture due to stress. The coating on the top layer also helps with impact resistance to provide protection to the foam.


A hurricane combines many aspects of extreme weather. This includes high winds, heavy rain, and impact damage. The additional factor is that a hurricane can bring with it an extreme amount of water, and the spray foam must withstand it without causing a leak.

Spray foam won’t have an issue with pooling water, mainly due to the material not having those seams. Water won’t be able to get past the foam, so it will stay there until the water evaporates or you clear it out yourself.

For more benefits of spray foam roofing, speak with a roofing installation contractor.

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Tips For Spotting The Need For A Repair To Your Roof

You will need to make sure that you are able to quickly spot the need for a roof repair on your home. This way, you will be able to limit the amount of damage that you will have to deal with later on.

There Is A Dip Or Bump In The Roof

At no time should you be able to spot a dip or a bump in the roof line. It should be flat straight across at all times. If you notice anything other than the roof being straight, you will want to make sure that you are having it repaired right away. The reason for a dip in the roof could be the collapse of some of the supporting wood. A bump in the roof can be an indication that some building materials have become damaged by soaking up a lot of water. When the wood soaks up the water, it swells, and it stays that way even after it dries out. It is vital that you are never ignoring such problems, as they will continue to get worse until you take action to resolve the issue.

There Are Missing Shingles

Even if you have noticed that there are only one or two shingles that are now missing from your roof, it is imperative to make sure that you are taking action as quickly as possible. You may be missing shingles due to damage that was the result of a bad storm or it could be that the shingles are simply getting very old. If the issue is a matter of age, it will not be long before more shingles start to fall from the roof. When the roofing materials below the shingles are exposed, they are much more likely to become damaged, which will dramatically increase the cost of the roof repairs that you will need to hire someone for.

You See Green Growth On The Shingles

If you notice green moss growing on any of the shingles on your roof, no matter how little of it you see, it is important to make sure that you are taking action. You will need someone to at least kill the moss and possibly replace the shingles that were damaged as a result of that plant life. This is because the shingles are easily damaged by the roots of moss that dig into the shingles and break them apart in the process of doing so.

When your professional roofer comes out to inspect your roof, you will want to allow him or her to look for any other potential roofing problems that you may have simply not noticed yet. Visit a site like for more information. 

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