Answering Your Questions About Roofing

A Few Reasons You May Need Custom Roofing

by Donald Evans

It is common to believe that all roofing is basically the same; each different roofing material has its own way of being installed, but there is no need for anything custom. However, this is not always the case. If you are having a new home built or having new roofing installed, it is best to have a professional roofer come to look over the project to tell you if you need to have something special done or if you can, in fact, go with the standard installation. Here are a few times you will need to have custom roofing done for the best results.

Slate Roofing

Any time you are having a slate roof installed you will need to have a custom roofer do the work. Slate roofs require special treatment in order to be done properly. One cannot simply put the slate on in rows and have the roof secure and leakproof. It takes a lot of knowledge to ensure that the pieces are placed properly and not chipped or broken during the process. Someone without the proper skills will end up with a lot of waste--and the roof may still leak when it is finished.

Multiple Roof Angles

When you have multiple stories with different roof heights, as is the case in a split-level home, the roof needs special care or rain and melted snow can damage the lower level roof. Custom roofing will allow for gutters and downspouts that keep the water from cascading down onto the lower roof and causing damage where it hits. In addition, there may be extra flashing required to ensure the entire roof is going to keep water out of your home.

Odd Shapes or Additions

Most roofing materials are straight-edged. If you have a circular spire coming up out of the main roof, trying to roof around it can be a bit difficult if you want to keep the rain from getting underneath to the wood and beams. Dormer windows, solar panels, and sunlights can also be a bit difficult to work around. A professional will have the required experience and knowledge to be able to ensure your roof does its job no matter what you have sticking out of it.

While many roofing companies can do most roofing jobs, if your home has a few unique aspects to its roof then ask your roofer if they can take care of custom work too. In fact, ask for references of people they have done custom work for in the past. You don't want to have to call them again when it is raining in your house because the roof is leaking.