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Three Tips For A Leak-Free Holiday Season This Year

by Donald Evans

For a lot of people, home is where the holidays matter the most. Your home's roof is one of the most important things that you need to make sure to care for during the winter months if you want to remain stress-free during the holiday season and into spring. As long as your roof is sound and not in need of immediate replacement, focus on avoiding any problems with leaks during the cold winter months. Here are 3 tips for a leak-free season.

1.) Keep Santa, his sleigh, those reindeer, and your own boots off the roof.

It's mighty tempting to put Santa and his sleigh or some cheerful little reindeer on your roof to decorate for the holidays, but that's also a great way to damage your roof. While there are plenty of items marketed for roof decoration, your roof really isn't set up for them. The extra weight alone of some items can put unnecessary strain on your roof.

Walking around on your roof while you try to position and stabilize your ornamentation can also rub the granules off the shingles and lessen their effectiveness. You may also accidentally pull up shingles by attaching the ornamentation the wrong way, especially if a good winter wind comes along and tugs at everything. Screwing bolts to secure the ornaments means literally putting a hole in your roof, which can later lead to leaks. 

Instead, stick to ornamentation, like lights, that can be attached to your gutters with clips (never nails) and keep the heavier ornaments or figures that need to be secured with cords or bolts on the ground where they're safer to work with and can't damage your roof.

2.) Do a little advance holiday shopping and buy yourself a practical gift you can really use.

If you don't own a telescoping roof rake, you should. These can help you remove snow from your roof, especially along the edges as the snow starts to slide down. You don't want to scrape the roof totally clean when you use one (again, to protect the granules on your shingles from damage), but reducing a thick pile-up down to 2-3 inches will help keep your gutters and drains clear of ice as the snow melts and refreezes.

3.) Have a roofing contractor take a quick peek at your roof if you are seeing any signs of leakage.

If you weren't having any problems with leaking prior to the winter season, sudden wet spots or dripping anywhere under your roof and into an attic or other space (like the corners of our rooms where walls meet) is a case for concern. It could be an easy repair, like fixing or replacing flashing along the seams of your roof that's gotten tugged loose by weather. That could prevent you from a much bigger problem come spring

Also, keep in mind that if your roof does experience a major problem this winter, roofing companies are able to do inspections, repairs, and even full replacements during winter. It could be necessary to protect your investment and keep the holidays bright.