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Small Siding Problems Could Indicate Larger House Issues

by Donald Evans

Have you noticed warping or cracks in your home's siding lately? If so, have a siding or roofing contractor (roofing contractors often work on siding as well) to take a look at what's happening. It's always possible the cause is something minor, but many times, those small siding problems are symptoms of a larger problem with your home.

Shifting Foundation and Soil

Possibly the scariest scenario is that the cracks, warping, and other siding damage are due to the foundation of the house shifting because there is something wrong with it or because the soil around it is unstable. This is not something you can ignore; the longer you let it go, the worse it can become. If you suspect the foundation or soil is to blame -- look for doors that are not closing properly or that no longer fit well inside the frame, for example -- get foundation contractors and a landscape engineer out to your house quickly.

Aggressive Critters

Sometimes the house is fine, but your animal neighbors are not. Tiny holes in siding due to the house settling can serve as entry points for mice looking for shelter; larger creatures can gnaw on the siding to enlarge the hole. Bats, rats, raccoons, and more can set up nests inside the gap between the siding and the rest of the house, and their movements while in that gap can make the siding shift and crack more. You need to have a pest control company that works with outside animal pests take care of this situation, and then have the siding replaced by reputable contractors.

Defective Installation

It is possible that the siding is beginning to crack and warp because it just wasn't installed properly or because the materials were defective, and unless you've noticed evidence indicating the problem is related to the foundation, soil, or animals, this is a fairly likely explanation for any damage. But you need to check out not only the siding but any other work that company or contractor has done before. Defective materials and installation can be a one-time issue, but sometimes it's not. If the same company that installed your siding also installed your roof, trim, or other features, have another roofing contractor take a look at the work to see if he or she can spot anything out of the ordinary.

If you're not sure where to start, contact a contractor who works with siding, like one from CNY Roofing Co, and have him or her take a look. Also go around your home looking for problems with doors, for example. With that information in hand, you'll have a better idea of what to do next.