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Five Benefits Of Green Roofs For Commercial Buildings

by Donald Evans

Whether you own an apartment building, a warehouse, or another commercial building type, the green roof movement can be a great way to make your building more eco-friendly and demonstrate your company's commitment to the Earth. But in addition to being a great PR point, a green roof can also add value to your building and bring monetary benefits to your business. Here are five things that a green roof can add to your commercial building.

1. Insulation

A green roof consists of a waterproofing system, a growing medium, and live plants growing in that medium. The growing medium itself can act as a great layer of insulation to help deflect cold air in the winter and warm air in the summer, potentially lowering heating and cooling bills.

2. Stormwater management

Because the plants and the growing medium can absorb and filter water, stormwater runoff can become significantly lessened and may even be much cleaner than you'd expect. 

3. Roof garden potential

Although a green roof can add value to your building (which in turn allows to you charge higher rent, especially if it's an apartment building), it's also possible to add even more value by making the roof area into a roof garden that tenants can enjoy, which can be an especially big draw in cities where it's hard to find a natural green space to relax in. Of course, turning it into a roof garden would also involve a bit of extra investment, such as installing railings to make it safer, so it’s important to make those considerations as well.

4. Sound deadening

In the city, noise is everywhere, and it may seem futile to try to reduce it. However, a green roof can absorb sounds and make it somewhat quieter inside the building than it would otherwise be. This can be another great selling point for apartments or other rental areas.

5. Roof longevity

Although it's not the longest-lasting roof in the world, a roof covered in plants can still last three times as long as the more conventional roofing materials that your roof has probably used in the past. You may not actually save money on materials, since installing a green roof is a big investment, but it definitely increases convenience and may help you save money on labor costs.

These five points show how a green roof can help you increase the value of your building (and increase its amenities to increase demand), save money on stormwater management, and make your customers even happier. For more information and options, talk with commercial roofing companies in your area.