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Problems With Peeling Shingles: How Roofing Contractors Handle Them

by Donald Evans

Every couple of years, you should climb a ladder and take a look at your roof. If you clean your gutters every fall, then you can check out your roof while you are up there. Chances are, there are a couple of shingles beginning to peel up. Corners peel up first, and then the shingles will peel halfway back or curl under, creating weird little shingle pockets that only squirrels and small birds love. When you see that happening, it is time to call roofing contractors to get these shingles fixed. Here is how the roofing contractor you hire may choose to fix them.

Pound Them Flat, Nail Them Down

The simplest and least expensive option is to pound the curled and peeling shingles flat, then nail them down. This is really a temporary option, but it is effective enough to keep these faulty singles from ripping up and off the roof in a violent storm. It also prevents the backwards flow of rainwater and ice buildup that would peel the shingles off entirely through expansion. If you would rather risk life and limb, you could climb up onto your roof with a nail gun and do this too (but it is not recommended).

Peeling Individual Shingles off and Replacing Them

Another option that your contractor may choose is to peel each problem shingle off of the roof. Then he/she reinserts a fresh shingle for every removed shingle, nailing it in place as he/she goes. This is still far less costly than a total roof redo, and it is more effective than pounding the shingles down and nailing the curling ones flat. The only downside is that this typically only works if your current shingles are not long, flat, connected shingles which cannot be cut up to release the peeling shingle.

Total Roof Redo

A total roof redo is the most expensive of all options, but one which your roofing contractor may choose if there are numerous shingles exhibiting this kind of damage. When other types of roof damage are also present, it becomes imperative to redo the whole roof, and not just a shingle here and there with the hopes that it will last. If you have sheets of shingles folding over themselves and flapping in the breeze on your roof, then it is definitely time for a roof redo as soon as you are able to manage the cost.

If you notice peeling shingles on your roof, talk to a contractor like Skywalker Roofing about which option would be best in your case.