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Important Tips To Follow After A Hurricane Evacuation

by Donald Evans

If you've been evacuated from your home due Mother Nature unleashing her fury with a hurricane or other type of severe storm, you may be wondering when you'll be able to return home so you can start cleaning up and getting back to normal. Before you do anything, here's some important information to know. 

Monitor the correct sources for reentry information

Other than worrying about how your home holds up to the ravages of a hurricane, you're also likely wondering about how soon you'll be able to return home to assess the storm damage and begin cleaning up. However, it's crucial that you wait until the authorities give residents permission to reenter the area. While you may be hearing from neighbors and friends and reading posts on social media regarding returning to the evacuated area, it's important to only follow direction from the authorities. 

Your local government authorities have likely established a hotline for evacuees to call to find out the status of the situation. This information is usually given during press conferences given by emergency personnel and government officials. You should be able to find this information in newspapers and on your local government's website.

Start calling contractors to help repair & clean up

While it's somewhat comforting to know you are not alone in worrying about the affects a major storm has had on your home, your neighbors are also worrying. Use the time before you are allowed to return to the area to find contractors who can help you clean up and repair. Here are the 2 most important contractors to hire first: 

  • Structural engineer. Hire a structural engineer to determine whether or not your home suffered significant damage or not. Sometimes, damage can be severe and make homes too dangerous to work on. In fact, other contractors may require an assessment by a structural engineer before they attempt to make repairs, particularly a roofing contractor due to safety issues if the foundation and structure of the home are unsafe. 
  • Roofer. One of the most crucial things to take care of first is the roofing of your house. Not only is it the most susceptible to damage from severe storms, it is what protects the interior and the structure of your house. The last thing you'll want is for another storm to roll through before the roofing is repaired and/or replaced. 

Obviously, you want to get back home and start making repairs as soon as possible, but always keep safety first and foremost in your mind when dealing with a storm-ravished house.