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How To Fix The Leaking Skylight In Your Kitchen

by Donald Evans

If your kitchen has a skylight that has developed a water leak when it rains, then it is important that you understand how to successfully fix the leak. If you don't fix the skylight correctly, it will continue to leak and will lead to damage in your kitchen's ceiling's sheetrock and can lead to problems with mold growth. To this end, here are the steps you need to take to fix the water leak:

Step 1: Clean the Shingles that Surround the Leaking Skylight

The first step to stop the leaking around your kitchen's skylight is to use a small brush or broom and thoroughly clean above and below all of the shingles that surround the skylight. Brush off any dirt and dust that has accumulated on top of the shingles, and then gently raise them and brush off underneath them. This step is essential because any dirt that is present will keep the roofing cement from adhering to the roofing felt layer.

Step 2: Seal the Skylight's Perimeter with a Tube of Roofing Cement

The best thing to use to seal your leaking skylight is a tube of roofing cement. Roofing cement is sold in tubes similar to caulking and requires a caulking gun for application. Load the roofing cement tube into your caulking gun and apply it under each shingle where the black roofing felt meets up with the metal flashing around the skylight. Use enough roofing cement to completely seal the area between the roofing felt and the skylight frame and after it is applied, then push down firmly on each single to seal them tightly on the roof.

Step 3: Seal Any Other Flashing on Your Roof

While you still have the roofing cement loaded into your caulking gun, go around your roof and find any other metal flashing and ensure that there are no obvious gaps or holes. Patch any damaged areas you find.

Step 4: Use Clear Caulking to Seal Around the Skylight's Glass

Finally, you need to apply a bead of caulking around the glass or plastic that makes up your kitchen skylight. Caulking between the glass and the metal frame will prevent leaking from this area of the skylight. You should only use clear caulking for this task because otherwise, you will be able to see the new layer of caulking from inside of your home. Once you are finished with the roofing cement and caulking, dispose of both empty tubes in your household trash and clean your caulking gun well.

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