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4 Rarely Thought About Roof Killers That Can Cause Significant Damage

by Donald Evans

When you think of roofing damages, you are likely overlooking a few things that can wreak havoc on yours. These are things that can cause issues to roofs regardless of how old the roofing materials are. 

Ventilation Issues

If your roof is not properly ventilated, your home may lose heat or cool air, and you may end up with expensive heating and cooling costs. Roof replacements are considered to be expensive home improvement projects, and ventilation issues may cause premature damage to a new roof investment. One common sign of a ventilation issue is buckling shingles. This type of issue should be corrected before a new roof is installed.


When you think of animals that can cause roofing damage, you likely think of known pests such as squirrels, but birds can also cause roofing damages. This is one of the reasons that roofing inspections are recommended as a part of preventative maintenance and extending roof life. To keep animals from invading your roof area, it is imperative to seal up or secure areas that they may enter. For example, you could  install screens on areas such as vent caps to thwart animal entry. Weather caulk may also be used to seal areas that small pests and animals could enter. 


If you live in an area that has windy conditions during certain seasons, you have likely heard others in your area talk about inspecting your roof after a windstorm or severe weather. Some people overlook the fact that a roof replacement that consists of more durable roofing materials, which could aid in keeping them from having these types of damages. It is also important to keep in mind that you may not be able to see roofing damages yourself from the ground. This means that obtaining routine roofing inspections will serve as a fundamental part of protecting your roof. Blown off shingles can expose underlying roofing materials and make them susceptible to issues such as moisture. 

Ice Dams

Icy weather conditions are another thing that can cause roof damages, and they are also dependent upon the climate you live in. Ice dams may occur as a result of frozen precipitation or melting snow. The weight of the ice can tear off roof materials, and it may also cause moisture to penetrate beneath them. If you reside in an area that has harsh winters, ensure that you get your roof inspected by a professional like Encore Roofing, LLC. for ice dam damage as soon as the ice melts, which is likely during the spring.