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Best And Worst Roofing Materials That Can Make A Skillion Roof Look Less Industrial

by Donald Evans

A skillion roof has an unusual shape in that the roof has one main piece that slopes steeply upwards from the front of the house. You might recognize the shape better from its garden application as a shed roof. On a residence, the skillion roof can create eye-catching geometry. But choosing the right roofing material can prove to be the make or break point between having a roof with visual interest and having a house that looks like an oversized shed.

Here are the two best skillion roofing materials to discuss with your contractors during your roof repair project – and one roofing material to avoid.

Best: Wood Shakes or Shingles

The skillion has an interesting angle but otherwise the roof can look rather plain. Amp up the visual interest while softening the geometry with the use of wooden shakes or shingles.

The two types of wooden roofing come from the same type of tree but come cut differently. Shakes have the rougher cottage look while shingles have the more streamlined, modern-classic look. The right choice for you simply comes down to your personal preference.

Due to the texture of the wood roofing, the pieces install in a way that creates gaps that make wooden roofing a terrible choice for a flat roof. But the gaps work well with the skilion's natural drainage abilities since the water can slide right between the gaps and into the drainage system.

Best: Slate Tiles

Want to take your skillion roof as far from the garden shed as possible? Use the natural and elegant beauty of slate tiles. The durable material can install in brick patterns or in a traditional shingle-style arrangement depending on your preferences. Slate lasts for a long time and requires little maintenance but comes with a high price tag.

Slate has a heavy physical weight so you will want your roofing contractor's to check to make sure your skillion roof has adequate bracing to support the material. The bracing can always be added if necessary.

Worst: Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles come in low with both price and physical weight. The composite shingles weigh so little that wind traveling up a steeply sloping roof like the skillion can become stuck under the shingle and cause damage or removal on the way up.

If you need a new roof pronto and have a tight budget, you can still go with an asphalt roof for the time being if you accept the possibility of wind damage. But consider switching to another material when the option becomes affordable. For more information, contact local professionals like Suncastle Roofing Inc.