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Time- And Money-Saving Reasons To Keep The Flat Roof On Your New House

by Donald Evans

Your new house may be the one you spent a great deal of time searching for, having the exact number of bedrooms and baths you need, a home office in already in place, and a bay window in the dining area with a fantastic view. Everything about your new house may be exactly what you wanted except one thing: the flat roof. You may wonder if you should keep your flat roof and have considered having a sloped roof put on because that is what you have always had. Before you spend a lot of money having a sloped roof put on your new house, check out the reasons you should keep the flat roof already on it.

A Flat Roof Makes Maintenance Easier

Getting up on your roof is easier when it is flat, so catching any problems before they become bigger and more expensive is easier as well. You can save money paying someone to climb up on your sloped roof to check for the same types of problems. Taking care of regular maintenance like gutter cleaning is also easier with a flat roof because you can simply walk along it to reach your gutters. On a sloped roof, you will need to stay on a ladder to clean out the gutters because being on the slope can be dangerous.

Fewer Material Equals Lower Maintenance And Repair Costs

Flat roofs have tar and gravel on them instead of shingles. You will have less maintenance and repairs like those for missing or broken shingles. Flat roofs offer widespread coverage without the worry of leaks through joined areas like you must have with shingles. Shingles must be nailed down, leaving areas for possible leaking over time. Nails are not used on flat roofs during its installation. Instead, tar is rolled on using a roller similar to one used for painting.

Storms And High Winds Cause Less Damage To Flat Roofs

Because tar is rolled onto a flat roof, it cannot be lifted and damaged by high winds like shingles can be. In storms, you will never have to worry about your roof being damaged and left in need of new shingles or plywood. Your home will be more protected by a flat roof during storms because of its low risk of damage.

Enjoying the house of your dreams is a great feeling, especially when you have looked a long time for it. Buying a house you love with a flat roof can be a wise investment, one that will save you a lot of time and money during your ownership of it. For more information on flat roofs, contact local professionals like Cloise & Mike Construction Inc.