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Winter Is Here: 4 Steps To Protect Your Metal Roof

Winter is finally here. If you haven’t already winterized your metal roofing, it’s time to take care of that. Winter weather can wreak havoc on your roof. Before you start hanging up your holiday decorations, take the time to winterize

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Three Tips For A Leak-Free Holiday Season This Year

For a lot of people, home is where the holidays matter the most. Your home’s roof is one of the most important things that you need to make sure to care for during the winter months if you want to

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3 Characteristics That Make Metal Roofing a Superior Choice for Harsh Winters

Although the roofing material that you use can have a big effect on your energy usage during the hot summer months based on whether it retains or reflects the sun’s heat, you may not know that it can also have

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Hire A Roofing Contractor For These Jobs In Advance Of Putting Your Home On The Market

In advance of listing your home on the market, hiring a roofing contractor for some work can lead to favorable results. Although there is an up-front cost to this work, it may help you sell your home for more money,

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Putting Christmas Lights around Your Home? Clean Algae off Your Asphalt Roof First

If you are planning to put up Christmas lights, you should consider cleaning your asphalt roof to remove algae first. Your lights will draw people’s eyes up, and they will see your roof. If you have a lot of lights

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Small Siding Problems Could Indicate Larger House Issues

Have you noticed warping or cracks in your home’s siding lately? If so, have a siding or roofing contractor (roofing contractors often work on siding as well) to take a look at what’s happening. It’s always possible the cause is

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3 Flashing Mistakes That Could Damage Your Roofing System

Flashing is one of the most important components of your roofing system. It is responsible for creating a barrier that prevents water from leaking through the roof. Unfortunately, mistakes made during the installation and upkeep of the roof can cause

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How Hail Can Damage Your Roof, And What You Can Do About It

When you hear hail hitting your roof, it’s not okay to assume your roof can easily handle it. Hail can definitely damage a roof. It can also damage anything else on the roof. You should know a little about how

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How to Easily Spot Hail Damage on Your Roof After a Storm

If a hail storm has just come through your area, one of the first things you need to do when it is safe enough for you to go outside is check your roof for hail damage. If your roof has

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Worried About Your New Skylight Leaking? Know How To Prevent It

If you have an interior room in the middle of your home without any windows, a skylight is a wonderful way to bring natural light into a room that wouldn’t ordinarily be able to get it. Unfortunately, many homeowners still

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