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Tips for Identifying a Craftsman Home and Choosing the Best Roofing Material

Identifying a home’s architectural style involves knowing the details that can help you identify one style compared to other similar styles. An example would be the Craftsman home, which can resemble a Cape Cod at a glance but has its

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Time- And Money-Saving Reasons To Keep The Flat Roof On Your New House

Your new house may be the one you spent a great deal of time searching for, having the exact number of bedrooms and baths you need, a home office in already in place, and a bay window in the dining

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Going To Your Second Home For Fall And Winter? Prepare The Gutters For Your Departure

Owning multiple homes allows you to live with your preferred weather conditions all year long. You might leave one home unattended for anywhere from a couple of months to two or three seasons. If you have plans to spend most

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The Differences Between 3 Gable Roof Types For Your Home

If you are building a home, you will have the freedom to select what kind of roof you want it to have. Every roof has advantages and disadvantages, but a gable roof is a great choice. If you were not

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On A Tight Budget But Need A New Roof? Try These 3 Tips

If your home is in need of a new roof but you don’t have very much money to spend, you might be worried that you won’t be able to purchase the roof that your home needs. Luckily, though, there are

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4 Tips And Tricks That Can Help Improve Your Cedar Shake Roof And Make It Last Longer

Wood shakes can be a great looking material to use on your roof, but you probably do not want the weathered look later. The shakes need proper care and maintenance to ensure they are a long lasting, attractive addition to

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Four Techniques for Building a Hurricane-Resistant Roof

If you’re replacing your roof after extreme hurricane damage or even if you’re just building a home in a hurricane-prone area, keeping the roof as safe as possible from storm winds is one of the best ways to protect your

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3 Natural Roofing Solutions To Give Your Home A Rustic, Traditional Look

If your home has a rustic design, the materials that you use can be natural. This means that you may want to continue this theme when installing the roof. There are many natural roofing materials that have traditionally been used

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How to Lay Gambrel Barn-Roof Shingles

If you have a gambrel roof, asphalt shingles will add a layer of protection. A gambrel roof, or barn-style roof, has multiple slopes with steep pitches transitioning into smaller pitches on each side. The design allows for extra space at

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Before Replacing Your Roof, Arrange for These Conditions

If you’ve got a roof replacement appointment to schedule, you know you don’t have a lot of time. You’ve got to get the roof done before the next rainstorm hits. But you should give yourself enough time to arrange for

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