Answering Your Questions About Roofing

  • 3 Roofing Materials That Can Add Visual Interest To A Mansard Roof

    2 November 2016

    Mansard roofs are the style most commonly associated with Victorian homes, though different styles of Victorian homes can have widely ranging roof shapes. The mansard looks like a flattened hat dropped down over the home with four vertical sides dropping down over the siding and upper windows while a flat roof covers the top. The two opposing roof slopes each pose a different challenge when choosing a roofing repair material. What are some of the best roofing materials to discuss with your roofing contractor if you want to add visual interest to the mansard without compromising function?

  • Best And Worst Roofing Materials That Can Make A Skillion Roof Look Less Industrial

    2 November 2016

    A skillion roof has an unusual shape in that the roof has one main piece that slopes steeply upwards from the front of the house. You might recognize the shape better from its garden application as a shed roof. On a residence, the skillion roof can create eye-catching geometry. But choosing the right roofing material can prove to be the make or break point between having a roof with visual interest and having a house that looks like an oversized shed.

  • Green Roofs: Are They Really the Best Choice for Eco-Friendly Homeowners?

    2 November 2016

    If you're looking for ways to make your home more earth-friendly, one option you're sure to come across is green roofs. These are roofs that contain a layer of soil and plants that are rooted into that soil. On the surface, it seems like a good solution to the earth's problems. The plants make oxygen and eat up greenhouse gases. However, green roofs are not for everyone. There are some other eco-friendly roofing options that are almost as effective and easier to implement.

  • Tips for Identifying a Craftsman Home and Choosing the Best Roofing Material

    21 October 2016

    Identifying a home's architectural style involves knowing the details that can help you identify one style compared to other similar styles. An example would be the Craftsman home, which can resemble a Cape Cod at a glance but has its own distinct style. Knowing the Craftsman's details can help you choose the best roof-replacement material when working with your contractors on a roof repair. What are some tips for identifying a Craftsman homeā€”and what are the best roofing materials for the style?

  • Time- And Money-Saving Reasons To Keep The Flat Roof On Your New House

    10 October 2016

    Your new house may be the one you spent a great deal of time searching for, having the exact number of bedrooms and baths you need, a home office in already in place, and a bay window in the dining area with a fantastic view. Everything about your new house may be exactly what you wanted except one thing: the flat roof. You may wonder if you should keep your flat roof and have considered having a sloped roof put on because that is what you have always had.

  • Going To Your Second Home For Fall And Winter? Prepare The Gutters For Your Departure

    7 October 2016

    Owning multiple homes allows you to live with your preferred weather conditions all year long. You might leave one home unattended for anywhere from a couple of months to two or three seasons. If you have plans to spend most of fall and winter in your second home, you will need to prepare the one that will be vacant. Most wear and tear that happens inside only occurs when you are living in the home.

  • The Differences Between 3 Gable Roof Types For Your Home

    7 October 2016

    If you are building a home, you will have the freedom to select what kind of roof you want it to have. Every roof has advantages and disadvantages, but a gable roof is a great choice. If you were not aware already, a gable style roof will have two slopes that come together to form a peak. This roof design is classic and used with a wide variety of different architectural styles, which include colonial and cape cod homes.