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Reasons To Have The Roof Inspected Of Any Business You're Buying

by Donald Evans

Are you thinking of buying a business in your area? If so, you should have the roof inspected prior to signing off on the deal. A commercial roof is usually expansive and has many vents and other openings that require care and proper maintenance, and if a roof has not been professionally maintained or installed, you can run into issues down the line with the building you buy. To avoid potentially costly repairs or renovations, have the roof inspected on any building you are thinking of buying for the following reasons.

Water damage may be present

If there is water damage existing in the building you're considering, a roof inspection will likely uncover most of the damage that has been caused. A commercial roofer is skilled and able to identify trouble areas in the roof's ventilation and openings in metal slats or shingled roofing structures, and they can even inspect the attic or under the seams of the roof to see if rotted wood and other water damage is present.

If water damage has been found, you potentially face having to have the building treated for mold and will have to replace beams and other rooftop structures. Your roofing contractor will give you an estimate for needed repairs to fix any moisture problems, which you can use as part of the price negotiation if you choose to move forward with the sale.

The roof may be aged

A commercial roof is usually designed to be more long-lasting than visually appealing, so the roof of a business you want to buy may be aged. If an older roof is found to be in good condition, you can still get the structure inspected to see how long the current roof will be expected to last. Your commercial roofing specialist will give you their opinion of how long the roof should last before it needs to be replaced. An aged and worn roof may need to be replaced right away, which can be an expensive investment on your part.

The roof may be poorly cared for

If the current building owner has been caring for their commercial roof on their own, patching worn areas and replacing shingles themselves, the roof may not be as sound as it appears. Since the roof of a commercial building can be expensive to replace, you want to know that you are buying a sound structure before you make your purchase. Your roofer will let you know how to care for your roof when you buy your business.

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