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Why Hand-Nailing Shingles On A Roof Is The Best Option

by Donald Evans

Do you find it a bit odd that your roofing contractor said that they are going to nail in all the new shingles by hand when installing your roof, rather than use power tools? If so, this is not as odd as it may appear to be at first glance. There are some benefits to hand nailing that make it the better choice when compared to automated nailing equipment that you should be aware of.


The roof being installed on your home will be the barrier that prevents water from getting inside it. When asphalt shingles are installed on a roof, they must be punctured with a nail in order to hold them in place. However, these nails also are a potential weak point where water can get into your home.

When a nail gun is used, it may be very hard to see the precise placement of the nail before it goes into the shingle. Hand nailing allows a roofer to be 100% certain where that nail is going and prevents a problem where a shingle may need multiple nails to hold it in place. The more holes put into a shingle will result in a greater chance of the nails coming loose and allowing water to come into your home


Shingles need to be secured properly to your roof, and if this does not happen during the installation, there is a risk of the shingles being ripped off during a powerful wind storm. Installing shingles with an automatic nail gun causes the roofer to lose some control over how far that nail is going into the shingle. If it goes too far, it is possible that the shingle can be ripped off from strong winds, leaving a part of your roof where the roof deck is exposed. Hand-nailing gives the installer control over exactly how far into the roof every nail goes. This is just another way to ensure that every nail is installed properly

Avoid Equipment Failure

When using an automatic nail gun, the roofer is trusting that the equipment is doing the job properly. They can take the steps to check that the nails are going in with the proper force, but there's always a chance that their nail gun can fail during the job. Too much or too little pressure can cause nails to not be inserted properly, which will eventually cause an issue with water damage.

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