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Are You Designing A Mexican Restaurant?

by Donald Evans

Are you designing a Mexican restaurant for somebody else or for yourself? Perhaps you have always dreamed of owning your own restaurant where Mexican food recipes that have been used in your family for years can be shared with the public. Whatever the reason that you are designing a Mexican restaurant, from the facade to the roof, here are some ideas that might help you to create a building that is both unique and traditional, a building that attracts customers before they even enter the restaurant.

The Facade - Think of traditional Mexican homes you have seen, either in real life or in pictures. Consider the design of those homes and use the design for the front of your Mexican restaurant. For example, consider the type of material you want for the outside walls. Stucco, adobe, brick, or stone would all be excellent choices. Another idea would be to have a combination of materials for the outside walls, say adobe with stone or stucco with brick. Think of using arches in the design of your restaurant, another traditional aspect of Mexican buildings.

However, give them a unique look by placing lighting in them to draw attention to the arches. Another idea is to stencil or free-hand things like flowers, birds, butterflies, and pinatas on the front of the building. In the front of the restaurant, be sure to include lots of Mexican clay pots of different sizes and shapes, and fill them with flowers like bougainvilleas, geraniums, and even cactus that bears flowers. 

The Roof - As you consider the look of Mexican buildings you have seen, you probably think of red tile roofs. Of course, that would be a great look for your Mexican restaurant. However, think of making it unique by selecting something like turquoise for the color of the tile roof. Just know that a tile roof will more than likely be your most expensive choice. However, tile roofs withstand the weather well and will last for a very long time.

A less expensive choice would be a tin roof, and it would still be very appropriate for your Mexican restaurant. Tin roofs last a long time, too. If you are really watching your building budget, consider selecting shingles for the roof. Shingles are probably the least expensive of all roofing materials. By choosing brick red for the color of the shingles, you will still be getting the appearance of a traditional red tile roof. 

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