Answering Your Questions About Roofing

3 Things to Consider Before You Redo Your Roof

by Donald Evans

Roofing is an important part of any home. Not only does your roof protect the inside of your home from the elements, it also as a major impact on your home's curb appeal. Roof replacement is something that most homeowners only have to deal with once or twice. However, it is a big renovation project and one that you want to get right. If you are considering replacing your roof, here are three things to keep in mind before you start.

Your Options

Since your roof has such a major impact on how your home looks, it's important to take a close look at your options. You want to choose a roofing material that works well with your home's style. There are a variety of roofing materials to choose from including asphalt shingles, concrete and clay tiles, metal, wood shingles, and slate. When replacing your roof, you can decide to go with a new material if you believe that it will better suit your home. Your roofers can help you determine which type of roof will work best with your home, budget, and the local climate conditions.


Another thing to consider before replacing your home's roof are the costs. The cost of a roof replacement can vary greatly depending on the size of your home, the pitch of your roof, and the roofing material used. Asphalt roofing tends to cost between $120 and $400 per square 100 feet. Slate costs between $800 and $4,000, metal between $500 and $1,800, and tile between $600 and $4,000 per 100 square feet. Other things that can add to the cost of roof replacement include needing to work around chimneys and skylights as well as repairing or replacing the structure underneath the roof.

Tear-Off Versus Overlay

If you are looking to save money on your roof replacement, it is possible to overlay your old asphalt shingle roof with a new roof. However, this can potentially shorten your roof's lifespan. In most cases, roofers will recommend a tear-off instead where the shingles are removed and then replaced. The average lifespan of an asphalt roof is between 20 and 40 years, but an overlay can shorten that. Metal, slate, and tile roofing can last upwards of 50 years with proper care and maintenance. 

When it comes to roof replacement, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. There are a variety of roofing materials and styles to choose from and it's important to find a roof that suits your budget and your home's style. Costs can vary, however, asphalt shingle roofs tend to be the most affordable option. You may be able to save money by going with an overlay instead of a tear-off. However, this can potentially shorten your roof's lifespan.