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Take Better Care Of Your Home With These Simple New Year's Resolutions

by Donald Evans

New Year's Day is just around the corner. If you usually play into the tradition of making resolutions, you may be thinking of ways you can take better care of your health or accelerate your career in 2017. But resolutions of this sort are rarely kept. Why not shake things up a little and take a new approach with your resolutions this year? Here are four simple resolutions that will help you take better care of your home, preserving its value and minimizing your need to make repairs in the coming years.

Keep your gutters clean.

So many homeowners neglect their gutters. This can have disastrous consequences on your roof as it allows water to build up along its edge. Cleaning your gutters is not very difficult. You just have to climb up on a ladder and use your (gloved) hands to scoop out the debris. Resolve to do this at least two times in the new year. The best times are spring and fall since you'll clear away any winter debris and any fallen leaves. For assistance, talk to a professional like Amick Roofing Inc.

Check your insulation.

This is a task you can hopefully tackle in one day. When you make your resolution, decide ahead of time what day you'll do it so you're more likely to remember. Take a peek in your attic and see if your insulation is dusty, moldy, or compacted. If it is, then it's not doing a good job of insulating your home. This will lead to roof damage as heat escapes through the roof. It will also force your heating system to work overtime.

Replacing damaged insulation just requires that you bag up the old insulation and unroll a few new layers. Wear gloves, long sleeves, and a face mask while you do so. This will keep the fiberglass from irritating your skin and respirator passages.

Change your HVAC filter.

On the first of the year (or the second if you're partying on the first), head to the local hardware store and purchase 12 furnace filters. Then, set a reminder in your phone to replace the filter once a month. This will do so much good for your HVAC system. It's a lot easier for your system to push air through a clean filter, so you'll save on energy and reduce wear and tear on your unit. Plus, clean filters will keep dust from building up in your ducts and vents, leading to a healthier home.