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Hire A Roofing Contractor For These Jobs In Advance Of Putting Your Home On The Market

by Donald Evans

In advance of listing your home on the market, hiring a roofing contractor for some work can lead to favorable results. Although there is an up-front cost to this work, it may help you sell your home for more money, as well as encourage quicker offers once your property is up for sale. Prospective buyers are often leery about roof issues, so having a contractor complete the following jobs prior to your home going up for sale can make people confident in submitting an offer. Beyond tasks such as replacing a worn-out roof, here are some jobs that your roofer can do for you.

Install New Gutters

If the gutters along the edge of the roof are in poor shape, they're apt to be noticed by a prospective buyer or a home inspector. This could cause a buyer to avoid making an offer, or to offer less money than your listing price. You can avoid such complications by having your roofing contractor install new gutters. Even from the ground, it's easy to tell that a home has new gutters. They'll be devoid of mildew and plant matter, as well as dents, and will be securely fastened to the house. As an extra incentive to buyers, have the contractor install gutter screens. These valuable devices keep leaves out of your gutters, eliminating the need for annual cleanings. This is something that many buyers will view favorably.

Check The Insulation Level

The better insulated an attic is, the less heat will escape from the home during the winter months. When you're selling your home, it's ideal to have your roofing contractor check the insulation level and add insulation, if needed. You can count on a home inspector assessing the insulation level and reporting back to the prospective buyer, so ensuring that the attic has the right amount of insulation will be good news for those considering your home.

Monitor Air Flow Through Vents

There are a number of vents that allow the air to flow between your attic and the exterior of your home. It's a good idea to have your contractor inspect these vents to ensure that the air is allowed to flow properly. In some cases, birds can build nests around the vents, which impedes the flow of air. It's better to address such an issue proactively, rather than have it be discovered during a home inspection and then scramble to get the work done. When a home inspector sees that your vents are in proper shape, it can be a sign that you're meticulous about maintaining even the small things in your home.

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