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Worried About Your New Skylight Leaking? Know How To Prevent It

by Donald Evans

If you have an interior room in the middle of your home without any windows, a skylight is a wonderful way to bring natural light into a room that wouldn't ordinarily be able to get it. Unfortunately, many homeowners still shy away from skylights because they have once had a history of leaking. Skylights have come a long way from how they used to be, with there being many ways to prevent leaks from occurring. Here is how you can do it.

Install A Rubber Membrane Underlayment Around The Skylight

A rubber membrane underlayment is a way that you can install an additional protective barrier around the skylight, which will help prevent leaks. The rubber membrane is essentially a thick layer of rubber that is cut into thin strips to be used just like flashing. It's installed around your skylight, and its sole purpose is to act as a waterproofing measure. You can always use a rubber membrane underlayment with additional materials, such as metal flashing, for improved protection from leaks.

Install A Raised Window Casing To Improve Drainage

It's common for water to get stuck around a skylight's window casing edges. The solution to this problem is to have a roofing contractor install the skylight in a way where the window casing is raised off the roof. This can help create an area for water to run off the side by using a slope that causes the water to drain much easier.

Keep in mind that a raised window casing will require more interior work to drywall around that larger area, but it could be worth it if the improved drainage helps prevent those leaks from occurring.

Install Flashing In Steps Around The Skylight

Step flashing is a method that requires installing the flashing similar to shingles. Each piece of flashing is overlapped as it is installed on the casing of the window. When used with the rubber membrane underlayment, it provides a lot of protection from water leaks.

While these are only three ideas to prevent leaking, a roofing contractor can provide you with more assistance with ensuring that your new skylight won't leak. Consider scheduling a consultation with a local roofing contractor, such as those found at DiRoma Roofing, to find out your options. They can give you a price to install the skylight, as well as go over additional options for water proofing to choose from.