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How Hail Can Damage Your Roof, And What You Can Do About It

by Donald Evans

When you hear hail hitting your roof, it's not okay to assume your roof can easily handle it. Hail can definitely damage a roof. It can also damage anything else on the roof. You should know a little about how hail works, and what you can do about it before, or after, it hits your roof.

What Determines the Damage Caused by Hail?

An average hailstorm may not cause you any roof damage at all. It depends on several factors that come with the hail.

  • Wind speed and direction
  • Hail size and density
  • Natural barriers, landscape features, and other tall objects
  • Roofing material and age

For example, small, pebble-sized pieces of hail falling gently on your shingles may not do much of anything. Hail of the same size driving into your roof because of gale force winds can do a lot more damage. Keep in mind that hailstones have irregular shapes, sharp edges, and can become as large as a baseball.

How to Tell if You Have Hail Damage

You may already have hail damage and don't know it. This is a dangerous situation, as your roof is already weakened. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to tell if hail is the cause of your roof damage or not. It can cause

  • missing shingles,
  • dents,
  • patternless damage,
  • or broken shingles.

These can also represent signs of damage from other sources. However, it's important to know if it's from hail or not, especially if you plan to file an insurance claim. You can also check online for images or videos of hail damage.

Check around for signs of hail damage around the home itself. Look for stripped trees, damaged outside furniture, and any other signs of damage. These can indicate that any roof damage you see is, in fact, from hail.

What You Can Do to Protect Your Roof from Hail Damage

Knowing the factors that contribute to damage can give you ideas on how to mitigate possible hail damage.

Keep your roof in good shape – Always make sure you have your roof inspected, repaired, and maintained by a professional.

Speak to your insurance company – Insurance companies have many ideas on how to deal with hail damage. Speak to yours and see what they suggest. Of course, if you just experienced a hailstorm, you should call them immediately to report it.

Update your roof cover – Some roofing materials handle hail better than others. You should consider impact-resistant roofing materials if you're in an area prone to hailstorms.

Call your roofing handyman – Call a local roofing professional and ask their opinion. A professional roofer can help you figure out if you have hail damage on your roof. They can also help you figure out what you can do about it going forward.