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3 Roofing Materials That Can Add Visual Interest To A Mansard Roof

by Donald Evans

Mansard roofs are the style most commonly associated with Victorian homes, though different styles of Victorian homes can have widely ranging roof shapes. The mansard looks like a flattened hat dropped down over the home with four vertical sides dropping down over the siding and upper windows while a flat roof covers the top.

The two opposing roof slopes each pose a different challenge when choosing a roofing repair material. What are some of the best roofing materials to discuss with your roofing contractor if you want to add visual interest to the mansard without compromising function?

Upper Roof: Metal Planks

The flatter upper roof does have a slight slope to help with drainage, but that slope might not move water off quickly enough if your area has frequent heavy rains or snows. Metal roofing can help facilitate drainage while offering added waterproofing to prevent water damage to your home.

Metal plank roofing, also called standing seam metal, snap together side-by-side to form a series of watertight vertical seams separated by smooth drainage valleys. You can order the planks in different colors, but bear in mind that no one can see the top of your mansard but your roofing contractors. Don't waste money on customizations no one will see.

Side Roofing: Asphalt Shingles

The vertical sides of the mansard need a roofing material that looks attractive, but the sheer size and number of those sides mean the project costs can add up. If budget is your primary concern, look to asphalt shingles for your roofing material.

Asphalt shingles can come cut, dyed, and textured to resemble wood shingles, slate tiles, or other roofing materials. Your roofing contractors can install the textured shingles in a pattern to give the mansard some added visual dimension.

The lightweight shingles can prove problematic on sloped roofs like the gable due to the ability of wind to get up under the lightweight shingles and cause damage. But the vertical sides of the mansard don't pose a similar risk.

Side Roofing: Slate Tiles

Do you want to bring elegance and visual interest to the sides of your mansard roof and have a fairly large project budget? Consider going with slate tiles. The natural stone roofing comes in beautiful, cool-toned colors and can be installed in a brickwork pattern like herringbone to add more appeal to your mansard roof.

The slate tiles are heavy and require your roofers to ensure that the mansard has adequate bracing. Once in place, the tiles have a long, maintenance-free lifespan that can justify the higher material price.

For more information and options, contact professional roofing companies in your area, such as Columbia Roofing Inc.