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Going To Your Second Home For Fall And Winter? Prepare The Gutters For Your Departure

by Donald Evans

Owning multiple homes allows you to live with your preferred weather conditions all year long. You might leave one home unattended for anywhere from a couple of months to two or three seasons. If you have plans to spend most of fall and winter in your second home, you will need to prepare the one that will be vacant. Most wear and tear that happens inside only occurs when you are living in the home. But the outside is still exposed to the elements, pests, and debris that ends up collecting over time. Gutters need to be cleaned several times a year to avoid excessive buildup that can lead to expensive problems. So you should go through the process of readying your gutters for your absence of several seasons.

Take Care of Leaf Droppings

Trees typically shed their leaves throughout fall, so you really need to pay attention to the leaves. It is crucial to hire a professional to clean the gutters in an effort to have them spotless when you are about to leave. To prevent leaves from building up to beyond what the gutters can hold while you are gone, you should look into trimming nearby trees because this can reduce how many leaves make it to the gutter system. If you are still worried, you can even have gutter guards installed to cut down on leaf penetration.

Inspect for Damage

Before you leave for many months, you do not want damaged gutters left on their own. A small hole can turn into a massive one in a short period of time when it is not given attention. While you can certainly fix any problem that you might have once you get back, the costs will be much higher. So, it is a good idea to combine professional cleaning with a thorough inspection to check for potential damage. Getting service about a week or two in advance should give you enough time to make repairs if they are needed.

Keep the Critters Out

It might be difficult to tell whether you are going to have problems with squirrels. It is worth taking preventive measures because you do not want them wreaking havoc on your gutter system. The tree trimming will do some work, but another measure is covering the gutters and downspouts with wire mesh. You mainly want to prevent squirrels from being able to use the gutters for shelter and food storage.

Working on the gutters before leaving to your second home will keep you from coming back to problems in the spring. Contact a company like Hogan  Roofing for tips.